Monday, June 30, 2008

Hummer fun

This will probably be the closest they ever get to hummer. The kids loved it. Seatbelts would have been a little helpful, but Carolina is a real trooper and didn't mind nearly being thrown out with Tim's quick starts and stops. It had been almost a year since we had been to visit Ben's aunt and uncle and the hummer was really the only thing that Tim was sure he remembered.

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Carolina Beach

The kids loved the beach. Mostly just digging in the sand because it was a little on the chilly side that day. Tim thought it was cool that it's called "Carolina Beach," but he says next time we need to go to "Timmy Beach."

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tractor Museum

The museum has been closed for some time now due to the owner's death, but you can still roam around it and check out all the rusty tractors. The kids got a kick out of it.

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Mt Olive pickles

We've been back from NC for a week and I thought I'd finally share some pics. We really had a great time and it was so nice to have Ben to ourselves all week. We were able to visit several low-key, but fun places with the kids, including our trip to the Mt. Olive pickle store. Timmy loves pickles and will readily tell you that they "taste like candy." The first picture shows them on the corner of Cucumber and Vine.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Real life (tagged)

Okay, here you get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes thanks to being tagged by Deon. I guess the rules are: no cleaning, clearing, wiping, changing, etc.

1. THE LAUNDRY ROOM - really not too exciting. Ben really stays more on top of laundry than I do. Not folding it, but getting it washed and dried. He's a huge help, but he's basically been working non-stop since Friday evening, so we've gotten a little behind.

2. FAVORITE ROOM: I had a hard time coming up with a favorite room. There are so many updates and decorating things that I want to do all over the house. I just hung curtain rods and curtains (kinda wrinkly, don't look too close) in my bedroom a few days ago, so I'm a little happier there and it feels a little more relaxing and homey. Plus, after being sick for two weeks, it's nice to finally be able to lie down and sleep without feeling yuck. There is a remodeling book on the bed. Lots of stuff in the works!

3. WHAT ARE THE KIDS DOING? I took all of these pictures around dinner time last night. Tim is eating a bowl of goldfish that he served himself. No wonder he didn't eat much of his chicken quesadilla! I've been trying to do less snacks before meals, obviously not yesterday.

Carolina is my little mess maker. She had a late lunch and was asking for frosted mini-wheats (or the malt-o-meal equivalent) after her cheese and grapes. I discovered she was just eating the frosting and tossing the rest.

4. FAVORITE SHOES - These were pretty inexpensive from Baker's several years ago and I wish I could find another pair. I've just always liked them. Unfortunately, I've had to take them to a shoe repair shop at least once or twice. I don't wear them very often because I'm afraid they will break again.

5. TOILET - Okay, so this isn't a toilet. I really didn't pay close attention when I was taking pictures. This is our 1/2 bath under renovations. I should have some real before/after pictures when we get it all done. Painting, new sink, mirror, light fixture and flooring.

6. SINK - Ben did the dishes the night before. He does great, but does not do pots and pans. He figures I'm better and faster at the hand-washing (he's right). Those are our ice cream bowls in there.

7. FRIDGE - Maybe I should organize this and clean it off a little?

8. SELF PORTRAIT - So this happened over the weekend -- I'm finally showing like a real pregnant person should! I'm nearly 26 weeks and have just started wearing maternity clothes more often that not. I'm sure some of you moms might think I'm weird, but it totally makes me happy! That awkward in-between stage lasted way too long.

9. CLOSET - There is a reason why I keep the door shut! (And I can't even wear any of these clothes until probably close to the end of the year)

10. DREAM VACATION: Maybe someplace without any kids? :)

I'm tagging: Lindsay, Jennifer, and Hilary!