Friday, May 27, 2011

One year almost down

I had a quick conference with Tim's teacher this week. Tim LOVES his teacher (I had to talk him out of inviting her to his birthday party) and loves his school and it has been such a good year for him. His teacher went over his recent assessments and said that he is top of the class. He is off their charts for reading and aced all the other exams too. I take no credit for this, he is a serious sponge. What makes me even more proud is that he got an excellent report for behavior and declared to be very polite. Two more weeks of school, a five week break and then he starts 1st grade. Wow!

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Easter Sunday

Where to even start? Our poor blog has been severely neglected. No apologies or excuses and I won't even try to play catch up. We're doing great though. We love North Carolina and the kids are doing really well and growing up quickly. I think I'll try to post a little about each of the kids in the upcoming days (or maybe weeks?)

Joe has an awesome sense of humor. He comes up with stuff to make me laugh every day. He and Carolina were telling me knock-knock jokes in the car the other day. Here's his (he doesn't quite have the form right):
J: Knock, Knock. Who's there?
Me: Who's there?
J: Monkey who.
Me: Monkey who?
J: Monkey who, who, aaah, aaah (his monkey sounds)

He also makes great baby elephant sounds (just picture quieter, higher-pitched). The kid was hardly talking when we left Maryland and now is in full-sentence, constant conversation mode. I love it! This is the oldest-youngest child I've had so far (make sense?). I'm really enjoying an older, more capable group of kids. Of course, that will all change in about 12 weeks when our newborn is here.
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