Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter 2012

 Things to note in the following pictures: 
  • The fancy duds were sent down from the kids' grandma in Maryland. We love them! 
  • Any pictures taken with all four kids in these fancy clothes are completely worthless and just sad. You'd think with 2pm church, we'd have our act together enough to be ready and take pictures before church, but no...
  • The Easter egg hunt was cool enough for sweaters. My boys showed their love for me and wore their handknit pullovers
  • In an email my grandma asked if Rosemary is really that happy (referencing a recent pic on facebook) -- She actually is a very happy baby, but not every second of the day. See our miserable girl in the mix below. I changed her quick and laid her in bed and her crying stopped immediately. She needs her sleep, just like her mama.
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