Thursday, July 17, 2008

Indiana, part 2

Just a few more pictures of the kids at the museum. Carolina was in her element with everything. She enjoyed being colored.

Carolina loved the air dryers after a particularly wet area.

My upside-down boy.
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Indiana trip

We really enjoyed our trip to Indiana -- even though it's a long drive. It took us about twelve hours with stops/traffic each way. The kids were real troopers. We had fun visiting our friends and spent one morning at cMoe, a children's museum in Evansville. They really could have spent all day there.

Carolina enjoying the legos with her dad.
The kids liked playing in the sand, I mean "rice" box. Timmy kept correcting me.

Digging for dinosaur bones.
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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sleeping girl

She was out of sight and suddenly very quiet while I was making lunch today. I've been trying to get her down to one nap a day, but some days she still needs two. Today, she took things into her own hands. Here she is a the bottom of the basement stairs where it is dark and cool -- perfect for a nap. She has her favorite blankie and lambie (check out my other blog -- finally updated -- for her new pillow).
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Monday night baseball

First baseball game for the kids and my first game since Ben and I started dating (five years ago). It was Mormon day at the park -- the first picture is Tim, Daddy, and Mormon pitcher Jeremy Guthrie. I'm not sure how many innings we made it through, but it was after ten when we left. The kids are real troopers. Pop-pop and Uncle Gene joined us too (along with a bunch of ward members).

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