Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun reception

More catch up: 
So we went to a fancy schmancy wedding reception on a week ago Saturday. Our friend (the bride)'s dad must really love her! Seriously, it was really cool and our kids were invited too. They served up slurpees on request and the kids enjoyed those (duh!). The newly acquired yard sale dinosaurs helped entertain the kids too.

Tim was kind of bashful when it came to dancing, but Carolina really got into it.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

First time swinging!

Here's little Joseph, first time swinging. And yes, he now has matching short-pants.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Father/son campout

Timmy had a blast with his dad at the father/son campout. It's so fun to see him growing so big.

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Friday, May 08, 2009


Well, I've revived my crafty blog.  Ben praises my little projects, but it's kind of fun to share with a wider audience.  And I've been doing a lot of crafting lately.  I finish or start something every day, I think.  So here's one of my recent projects, with more here

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tim & Mom

I'm playing a little catch up with the blog: 
Every year we go to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival (first Saturday in May). It's like a tradition. But every year, it draws more and more people and is nearly impossible to navigate. Especially with children. So I made the decision that we would not be going this year. Next year, I will plan ahead, leave the kids at home and find a friend to go with. It really is a blast.

So, that morning we ran errands and then after Lina was down for nap, I took Tim out on his own. We ended up at Baugher's Orchard and he had a blast playing on the wooden train, swings, etc.

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Play clothes

I've got lots of fabric and a little bit of time, so I've been sewing a few things. Carolina rarely chooses to wear pants any more, so needs more everyday or play skirts. And Tim needed shorts for the summer. So, I made them matching clothes. They are super-comfortable, the fabric cost me nothing, and the kids like to be matchy-match. Now, Joseph needs a pair of pants.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Random updates

* I love spring, how about you? It is, without question, my favorite time of year. We bought this little bleeding heart last year and it was so little. Now it grows bigger every time we look at it. It's probably doubled since I snapped this picture (with my cell phone).

* Okay, so things did not go as well as the first night with
Carolina's pacifier weaning. It wasn't too horrible, but there were some difficult moments. I threw the things away, so there has been no going back. I think she's just fine now.

* Speaking of "no going back," we are in our fourth week of
potty-training her. I would have figured we'd be done way before now. More successes than failures, so we're continuing. My goal is to have her in underwear at church (not this week though). Yesterday she was at nearly 100%. And we even went out for a couple of hours. Then this morning it was the complete opposite. Puddles everywhere. I'm glad for the laminate flooring.

* I thought that
Joseph's face was still looking kind of rough even without much dairy in my diet, so I started consuming milk a couple of days ago. (Ben also bought WAY too much milk and I didn't want him to feel bad when it came to pouring it down the drain in a week). His face has really broken out today, so I think I'll go back to no milk. It's funny because I feed him cheese and yogurt and he seems fine after those foods.

1-800-CONTACTS: My new best friends. I really goofed up one day. When I received a package of 8 boxes of contacts ($$$) for both me and Ben, I realized I had given them the wrong zip code. No big deal, it just delayed it by a day or so. Then, Ben opened up the box a couple days ago and informed me that they were all the wrong prescriptions. I ordered positives instead of negatives (3.00 instead of -3.00, for instance). Aaah! I called them up and they are sending the right ones and a packing slip for us to send the wrong ones back, no charge. Happy day! I also realized that I had given them the wrong area code for my phone number. Usually, I am really pretty careful and try hard to proofread. No idea what was going on that day. Oh, and I swear that girl on the phone was in Utah. Can anyone confirm that the call center is there? She definitely had the accent, etc.

* So our
Camry A/C light was blinking and no A/C this year. We looked up the problem online and found an easy fix with a part that cost $45. I love the internet! Apparently, this is a super common problem and Toyota had issued a service bulletin a few years ago.
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